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I am a person who loves to research things. If I want to buy a pencil I would probably spend hours online researching the best pencil to buy. (Well, actually,  I have spent hours deciding on which pencil to buy.) This blog is an outgrowth of my research on what van and associated gear I should purchase. I probably spent over 1,000 hours researching Class B vans and nearly that, researching van gear and I continue to do so. For example, the post on surge protectors was directly related to my hours spent trying to find the best surge protector for myself. Unlike sites like Wirecutter, which buys and extensively tests gear, the approach here is to consolidate and summarize data already present online. My goal is to produce posts that I would have found useful in my searches. The  guiding question is “Would this post be useful to me?”  My goal is not to produce posts generated in a few hours of the “5 best camper vans of 2020” variety to be used as click-bait so I can make big bucks. 

Keep in mind that while I am trying to be helpful, I am just a person with opinions. While I try to be objective, my subjectiveness will undoubtedly creep in. Don’t make purchases involving thousands of dollars based solely on what I say. I am trying to save you some time but please do the necessary homework. 

Standing on the Shoulders of Others

Part of my research involves going to private forums, such as the Travato Owners and Wannabees and the Winnebago Revel 4X4 Facebook groups. This presents an ethical dilemma when wanting to quote parts of posts from these sites. Since they are private groups, I can’t say  “Ann Padilla writes ‘I’m 6′ with long legs, but find the seat comfortable’.” Nor can I use the quote without attribution. On the other hand I find what owners say in these groups valuable. My solution is the following. If the quote is from a public forum I use the quote with attribution. If the quote is from a private forum, I summarize it without attribution. That’s the best I can do.

Affiliate Commissions

This site is a participant in Amazon’s Associates Program and we may earn a commission on purchases you make by following one of the links. If you choose to buy one of the items mentioned on this site by using an Amazon link, you help support the work to produce helpful content.

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