Class B Manufacturers

Are you ready to start shopping for a Class B van and you are wondering if you are missing some dream van?  This annotated list of manufacturers of Class B vans runs the gamut from large, multinational companies to small family-run ones. 

In the descriptions, I list prices in parentheses. These are the base list price for that model and the typical selling price may be 30% or more less. While many companies are transparent on their base list prices others are not and in those cases I make a best estimate from available sources.

The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA)

Nearly all manufacturers of Class B vans (not including conversion companies) are members of the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association. To be a member requires that all the recreational vehicles they sell comply with over 500 safety requirements for electrical, plumbing, heating, and fire. Of course, this is a good thing. However, getting the RVIA seal just means they passed this minimal set of criteria. Its like knowing someone passed medical school. It would be nice to know whether that doctor passed with a ‘D’ or with an ‘A’. The RVIA seal is like that. We don’t know whether it is ‘A’ quality or ‘D’ quality. We just know the van passed its inspection. 

For a company that isn’t a member of RVIA we don’t have that minimal assurance. Their vans could be triple-A quality — much much better than any van built by a major manufacturer, or the vans they produce could be unsafe. The onus is on you, the shopper. When buying any Class B, you can’t skimp on the research, but when buying from a smaller company be particularly diligent.

Above image courtesy of Winnebago Industries, Inc. Unauthorized use not permitted

Top Manufacturers

Airstream (a subsidiary of Thor)

Airstream was formed in 1936 and, along with Winnebago, is an iconic American RV brand. They started making Class B vans in 1989. Their current Class B lineup consists of the Interstate was introduced in 2004.  It is built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis with the 3.0L V6 engine. 4 wheel drive is an option.  Both the Interstate Lounge EXT ($190,000) and the Grand Tour EXT ($190,000) are built on the 3500 extended frame with an exterior length of 24.5 feet. The Interstate 19 ($161,000) is built on the shorter 2500 frame with a length of 19.6 feet. I think the name “Interstate” is an apt name for this van. Its sleek, private jet looking, interior makes it look at home cruising the nation’s interstates, and to my eye wouldn’t look quite at home on forest service roads. Airstream also offers a Class B+ Atlas ($238,000), which in their words offers an “expansive floorplan.” (RVIA member)

Coachmen RV (a subsidiary of Forest River)

Coachmen RV started in 1964 as a manufacturer of travel trailers and truck campers. It was bought by Forest River in 2008 (Forest River in turn is owned by Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway). Coachmen builds three lines of Class Bs. Both the Nova ($120,000) and Beyond ($135,000), known previously as the Crossfit, are built on the 22 foot long Promaster 3500 chassis.  The Galleria ($145,000) is built on the 24 foot Mercedes Sprinter. Coachmen is known for its solid wood cabinetry. They offer Lithionics Lithium batteries as an option. (RVIA member)


Pleasure-Way was formed in 1986 to build Class B vans and that continues to be their sole purpose today. The company is headquartered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. They offer numerous vans. Their smallest is the Tofino ($71,000) which is built on the Ram ProMaster 1500 low roof chassis and is under 18 feet long.  It has a pop-top that creates an overhead bunk. Their Lexor models ($118,000) are built on a Ram ProMaster 3500 chassis and are 21 feet long. The Ontour ($132,000) is built on a Ford Transit 2500 chassis and features a whopping 78 inches of head room.  Their Ascent ($141,000) is built on the short Mercedes Sprinter chassis and is under 20 feet long. Finally, their top-of-the-line Plateau ($151,000) is built on the Mercedes Sprinter chassis and is 23 feet long. (RVIA member)

Thor Motor Coach

Thor Industries is a ginormous company which was formed in 1980 when two entrepreneurs bought Airstream from Beatrice Foods (yes, Airstream was once owned by a company best known for Tropicana and Playtex. Go figure). Since then they have been on an acquisition spree, acquiring Jayco, Dutchman, Keystone, Hymer (the largest RV manufacturer in Europe), and dozens more. Two of these acquisitions were consolidated in 2010 to form Thor Motor Coach, which released its first Class B van in 2019.  This Class B, the Sequence ($92,000),  is a plagiarized copy (is that redundant?) of the Winnebago Travato. At a time when the Class B market could use some innovation it is particularly disheartening that Thor designers took this easy path. The Sequence is built on the Ram ProMaster Window Van, with a gasoline V6 3.6L engine and front wheel drive. It is 21 feet long. While it does offer a few minor improvements over the Travato, it has some major defects including the sparsity of opening windows. Thor also offers the Tellaro ($91,000), another ProMaster based build with an optional pop top sleeping area.  (RVIA member)

Winnebago Industries, Inc.

Winnebago, based in Forest City, Iowa,  was founded in 1958 to build travel trailers and began manufacturing its iconic motorhomes in 1966. They offer a range of vans and is a company known for its innovation. Perhaps the most popular of their vans is the Travato ($118,000) which has been manufactured since 2013 and was the first Class B from any manufacturer to be built on the Ram ProMaster chassis. It is under 21 feet long. It is offered in two floor plans and Lithium is an option. Their Revel ($163,000), built on the 4 wheel drive Mercedes Sprinter, is under 20 feet long and is built for the rugged outdoors.  The Boldt ($199,000), a Mercedes Sprinter diesel build, is 23 feet long and features a whooping 12,800 watt-hour lithium system.  Also in their lineup is the Era ($170,000), a 25 foot long Mercedes and the diminutive Solis ($101,000), a Ram ProMaster build under 20 feet which features a pop-top. Winnebago accounts for over 30% of the Class B van market share and for good reason. (RVIA member)

Other Manufacturers

5 Mars RV

5 Mars RV was founded in 2009 in Joliette, Quebec. They  offer an unusual assortment of Class B vans. Several pop-top models are built on minivans. Perhaps the most unique is the Illusion LX ($72,000) which is built on a Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid. Their Imagine line ($93,000) is a 16 foot long ProMaster pop-top and features a removable interior.  

Advanced RV

If you want the absolute best quality van possible and you have a large amount of money to buy it (~$300,000), look no further than Advanced RV. This Willoughby, Ohio based company was formed in 2012 by Mike Neundorfer, who has managed to attract a team of extremely talented designers, engineers, and craftspeople. The results are stunning.  (RVIA member)

American Coach

American Coach is owned by REV group (see its separate entry in this list) and is principally a manufacturer of luxury Class As. They make two Class Bs. Their Patriot Cruizer ($160,000) is a 24 foot Mercedes Sprinter luxury Class B “devoted to the open road.” And their Patriot ($153,000) is built on the 20 foot Sprinter. (RVIA member)

Chinook RV

Chinook began as a family run business back in 1938 making it one of the oldest RV manufacturers. From its inception until the mid-1970s it was one of the most innovative manufacturers on the planet. They started with travel trailers and truck campers but their initial claim to fame was the introduction of sleek fiberglass Class A motorhomes in the 1960s. They started producing Class B vans in the early 1970s, Because of a recession, the company gradually declined. It was bought out and gradually again became a leader of RV innovation calling itself “the sports car of motorhomes.” Then the company hit financial difficulties attributed to mismanagement and closed in 2006. In 2013 the intellectual property (primarily the name) was bought by the owner of several RV dealerships. This new “Chinook” makes Class B vans on the Mercedes Benz chassis. The Bayside “executive travel van”  ($134,000)  has seating up to 10 (6 seats with 3 point seat belts and upgradeable to massage and heating). It is not really a van to sleep in and, without a table, it isn’t one to work or eat in either. Also, there are no windows that open.  The Countryside ($127,000)  is a more traditional Class B built on the 19 foot Mercedes Sprinter chassis. (history)  (RVIA member)

Coach House

Coach House is a family owned business based in Venice Florida  best known for their Class C (B+) RVs. They make one Class B, the Arriva ($161,000), built on the 24 foot Mercedes chassis. It features a (rare in a B) large dry bath, and some exterior storage.  If you are a person who really likes watching tv this van is for you since it offers two televisions. Coach House RVs are sold factory direct. (RVIA member)

Fleetwood (a subsidiary of REV group)

Fleetwood started in southern California in 1950. Its primary focus was mobile homes but it also manufactured Class A RVs. In 2009 the company went bankrupt and the motorized RV division was acquired by a private equity firm, which in 2010 combined the company with other acquisitions to form the REV group (see the REV entry in this list). The current Fleetwood division primarily produces Class A RVs but they do produce one Class B, the Irok ($114,000). The Irok is on a Ram ProMaster chassis which is 21 feet long. It is offered in two floorplans.

Gala RV

Gala RV is based in Quebec. They offer several Class B vans in their Montecarlo line ranging from under 20 to 21 feet and based on the Ram ProMaster chassis. One interesting model, the FB21, has an all fiberglass and composite interior. Gala does not sell vans in the United States. However, they will convert a van that you provide them. The base price for that conversion is $70,000.


ModVans is based in Ventura, CA. Starting in 2019, they offer one van, the CV1 ($99,000), which is a pop-up camper built on the low roof Ford Transit. It features removable components. For example, the entire kitchen unit is removable. They claim “CV1 is a full-featured camper van, family van and work van all in one.” (RVIA member)

Midwest Automotive Designs (REV Group)

Midwest Automotive Designs was formed in 2003 in Elkhart, Indiana and in 2013 was bought by the REV group (see REV entry in this list). Midwest manufactures luxury vehicles for shuttle vans, limousines, executive transport, and recreation. It offers Class B camper vans on the Mercedes Sprinter and Ram ProMaster chassis. The Weekender ($142,000) is built on the Mercedes Sprinter 23 foot chassis while the Passage ($114,000) is built on the shorter 19 foot Sprinter chassis. The Legend ($135,000) is their ProMaster offering built on the 2500 chassis. Some manufacturers call their vans “adventure vans” and others “luxury vans.” Midwest is definitely in the luxury camp using descriptions such as “private jets on wheels.” At least that is what it looks like on the surface. They don’t appear to use high quality components (for example Truma or Alde) in their builds. Their website also has this odd statement “Midwest Automotive Designs Reserves the Right to Change any STD, or Optional Features without Notice. Photos may Not depict the Actual product.”

New-West V.R.

New-West is a Quebec company building Class B vans since 1999. They offer 9 models built on a variety of chassis. Their lowest priced offering is the bare-bones Bo-M ($65,000) built on the GM Express regular length chassis with a length of 18.5 feet. It does have a sink but it has a manual water pump. The Altitude ($124,000) is based on the Ford Transit chassis and the Grizzly ($154,000) is based on the Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 chassis. All models feature alcohol stoves. New West vans are not available in the United States although you can have them convert a van you have.

Panoramic RV

Panoramic RV is an RV manufacturer out of Montreal, CA that started in 2019. They have only one model, called the Panoramic ($172,000),  and it is built on the Ram ProMaster chassis which is 21 feet long. The focus of the design is large windows and a skylight. They state their vans are available in both the Canadian and U.S. markets.

Regency RV

Regency RV is based in Fort Worth Texas and began manufacturing Class B vans in 2015. They offer two models. The National Traveler ($120,000)  is built on the 21 foot Ram ProMaster chassis and, perhaps unique to a Class B, offers a raised roof fiberglass cap, that offers a whopping 7’4” interior height.  However, the bed is only 73×54. So if you are tall but like to sleep scrunched up, this van is for you.  The interior height of the shower is 5’10”. The Xalta ($160,000) is built on the 24 foot Mercedes Sprinter chassis. 

REV Group

REV group was formed in 2010 and since then has acquired numerous companies. They manufacture busses, fire trucks, ambulances, and recreational vehicles.  Most of their RV focus is in luxury Class A motorhomes, but they also produce the Lance campers (truck campers and travel trailers) and the Midwest Automotive Designs and American Coach Class Bs which have their own entries in this list.

Roadtrek (Rapido Group)

The Roadtrek story is a rise and fall and potential rebirth tale that has some scandal thrown in. It started as a family run manufacturer of class B motorhomes in 1974. And in its early days the vans they built were considered fairly well-built.  In 2016 it was bought by Hymer, a large RV manufacturer in Europe. (If you are thinking of buying a used Roadtrek or Hymer please do your research to know the issues involved.) In 2019 Hymer was bought by Thor. When Thor was analyzing Roadtrek before the acquisition it discovered some anomalies that lead to Roadtrek division to  not be included in the sale. Later in 2019, Roadtrek was acquired by Rapido. This new Roadtrek subsidiary currently offers only 2 Class B models: the Zion ($102,000) and the Zion SRT ($95,000). Both are built on the ProMaster chassis. The Zion SRT is under 20 feet in length and the Zion is under 21 feet. Don’t be confused by the plethora of models shown on their website. At this point they only have one assembly line running which produces the Zion line.

Safari Condo

Safari Condo is based in Quebec Canada. Their initial claim to fame was an innovative aerodynamic travel trailer with a tempered glass poptop. They introduced a line of Class B vans in 2019. They offer over 10 models based on three different chassis. The pop-top Savana line  ($90,000)  is based on the low-roof GMC Savana which has an estimated 24 MPG. It is sort of retro-cool from a reliable company. The ProMaster offerings ($101,000) have 19 foot and 21 foot options. Finally, the Mercedes Sprinter line ($123,000) also comes in two lengths.

Storyteller Overland

If you are looking for a premium adventure van that is at home on forest service roads and are willing to pay a premium price the Mode 4×4 ($200,000) built by Storyteller Overland may be for you. offers one van, the Mode 4×4 built on the 20 foot Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 chassis. They call it an adventure van and that is an apt description. 

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